A Date to Remember

A Date to Remember

A Date to RememberA Date to RememberA Date to Remember

Let us share our musical passion!

About Us


Our Story

We started out because we just like to play and sing. Can’t get enough, in fact. 

Many of us attend other jams, too!  Our group is for all ages and abilities.

Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month with quarterly extra events. 


What Inspires Us

Our love of the ukulele!

Many of us have more than one. 

Just like the song by Jim Beloff,

we “Can‘t help but smile” when we strum and sing. 


We love to play and sing!

Playing and singing together is always so much fun. We also like to practice strum patterns and have even started learning to “solo”, which doesn’t mean to play alone, but to just pick away at notes you think sound good, while others either do the same, or while they strum. 

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